With Security Breach Theft of Personal Information is Increasing like Virus

1In the world of information technology, where the information is getting easily available and easily accessible, the threat of information being accessed or copied is increasing. The theft of information which leads to theft of identity of a person is on increase today. Technology plays an important role in our lives and the same technology which helps us to store, arrange and protect the information is also used by the criminals to break the security and to enter into our personal lives. The theft of important information can easily be possible and no form of security could be able to stop it today.

How Much Was the Loss Due to Stolen Identity?

According to the survey conducted on the loss of valuable information in last 10 years and it is found that more than 1 billions of records have been affected so far. It clearly shows that each one of us was either affected by the stolen identity earlier or expecting a loss in present scenario.

The report clearly shows that about 16.6 millions of people have been clearly victimized in the year 2012. The data which was either tampered or theft can be divided as credit cards – 40 percent and ledgers – 37 percent. According to Justice Department the cost of the loss of data is estimated to be $24.7 billion.

What is the Need to Find About Identity Theft?

In most of the cases people found about getting cheated but only at the time of getting the credit card reports. Though the information about theft is available but it will not help the security experts in dealing with crime or in finding the criminals. The better way for us to deal with the situation is to alert all the time and learn to be more secure. The best options with perfect solutions are found at LifeLock reviews which can help you in keeping your personal information in safe hands.

More the misuse of personal data, more it causes harm to the secured information. The loss of information cannot be recovered easily and therefore it is required to be cautious all the time and prevent the personal data from being utilized by unknown persons for uncertain reasons.

According to the study regarding credit cards, it is found that nine out of 10 credit card users never bother to check the bills they pay. The negligence can cause serious damages and it would be ridiculous to held authorities responsible for it. You need to be more vigilant in checking your bills every day even before you visit your Facebook page.

You Are at Higher Risk of Either Getting Dumped or Jailed

The theft of personal information will not be limited only to the cash or credit card losses but the systematic usage of stolen identity in terms of name or documents can be used in the undertaken crimes by the criminals. In few cases, the victims have been jailed for even the crimes such as homicide affirmations. Even the cases of fraud documents and fraud passports have been issued by the authorities to keep the criminals in jail for long.

Restraining You Tax Returns

The theft of personal information is increasing which affects most of the people around. Nearly 1.6 million people are solely getting affected by the misuse of information in year 2013. It affects every common person whose identity either stolen or not.