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Japanese Translation Services – Here’s Why Humans Trump Machines

And what it means for your Japanese English translation projects.

Machine translation powered by algorithms and so-called artificial intelligence (AI) have been at the vanguard of the translation industry for well over a decade now. The reason is that machine translation is fast and, probably more importantly, is cheap.

However, did you know scientists estimate it will take at least a generation — 30 years — for machine translation to approach the level of quality that Japanese human translation service is capable of? Truth be had, though, this is a “rolling generation” That is, ever since the 1960’s when machine translation made its debut, it has always been a only a generation away.


The reason is pretty simply. First, science does not quite understand how kids learn language! It’s kind of like water – It is central to our lives; however, we don’t fully understand the nature of it. Second, science does not fully understand how the brain works, either. It is, therefore, quite obvious to see that it is impossible at this point to endow machines with the skills and knowledge to translate at the quality level that Japanese human translators regularly translate at.

But, here’s the real reason you should be concerned if quality is important for your Japanese translation services requirements:

It’s a well known fact that many translation companies cut costs by using machine translation with post editing by novice translators. That means the quality you get can’t be described as professional quality translation, at all.

And, here’s the real reason why human translators rock:

  • University graduates
  • Experts knowledgeable in your industry
  • Qualified specialist, such as legal business translators
  • At least 3 years experience
  • Professionals who have passed rigorous evaluation criteria

There’s translation services, and then there’s professional Japanese translation services by Japanese human translators.

What does that means for your Japanese English translation projects?

A2Hosting Coupon for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Extraordinary Customer Support

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A Look At The New Sparrow Application For The iPhone

The iPhone is a mobile handset that has access to thousands of additional applications that can be downloaded to perform a variety of tasks. The phone does come with a number of applications already installed and one of these enables that users can keep up to date with their emails. Many users of the phone do grow quite tired of this fairly basic software and a number of alternative email applications are available that perform the same tasks. We take a look at Sparrow, the newest email app available for this phone, and see what features it has to offer.


The Sparrow application for the iPhone is available from the iTunes App Store for £1.99. Many users will be attracted to this new software because of the attractive user interface that it uses. The application connects with social networking accounts so that incoming messages now feature the profile picture of your known contacts. This looks much nicer than simply being presented with a list of names. The UI places all of your most frequently used contacts at the top of the page so it is easy to send a quick message. Despite the visual appeal of the interface the most satisfying element of this new software is the sheer number of features that it includes together with the ease of navigation. Full IMAP support is offered which means that the software can link to a variety of email accounts including GMail, AOL, iCLoud and Yahoo. A unified inbox is also a very useful feature as it allows you to view several personal accounts on the one page.

The Sparrow application for the iPhone really does make viewing, composing and managing your emails a simple affair. The application can be navigated by a series of swipe gestures which is much more effective than using menus and sub menus. Swiping downwards on your main inbox refreshes the page and switching between your inbox, unread messages and favourites can be achieved by a sideward swipe on the bar located at the top of the screen. POP accounts are currently not supported by the Sparrow application but this is likely to change with a forthcoming update. The update is also likely to feature a new browser along with push notifications so the user knows when they have received mail even when they are not logged into the application.

The new Sparrow email application for the iPhone is one of the most effective pieces of email software that we have encountered. The application uses an attractive UI and offers simple navigation which makes it very simple to use.