How Chinese People Make Use Of Wechat Social Messaging App?

Nowadays using email is very rare and if someone sends mail then that is for official purpose. Last decade people are using email services for both personal and professional purpose but the scenario is completely upside down. Yes the email services is only used for professional purpose day by day the active users of email getting decrease what is the reason ? New technology service leads to development in social messaging service app there is many famous social messaging service in this world Such as watsapp, uber, hangout, wechat these list gets extending. At initially watsapp rules the world of social messaging service now it’s time for wechat the features provided by wechat is amazing.


The Features Of Wechat

 Basically wechat is developed in 2011 by Tencent Company in china. It is a Chinese mobile servicing app where the wechat installed app is which has link through the cloud by connecting internet device. One can do everything with the help of this app starts from chatting, video call, group chats, sharing files and especially easy to share large media files. Many social messaging service won’t have the feature of sending large media files. Through wechat one can do shopping in china just within few seconds you can pay grocery bills, go  for shopping , you can hire a call taxi, able to book hospital appointment, also can book movie tickets, even you can go foreign holidays by just giving your bank information for money transaction through wechat.

At every single step of a Chinese wechat is there from morning to till night. After giving such wonderful services to people in china the wechat is completely cashless to use this feature impress many people to use wechat. Nowadays after wechat arrival Chinese people stepped out of their door without money and not frequently taking out their wallet to pay bills so that many people thanks to wechat. This development shows how the Chinese market effectively act on the mobile internet process .For this reason the Chinese people uses Smartphone more than any other people in the world. At present around 700 million people using wechat.