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Checking the authenticity of the iPhone

The price and the prestige of the iPhone are accountable for a lot of different fake iPhones on the market today. What’s more, such fakes can be very rough, both in terms of quality, features, and resemblance, or they can be very similar to the original iPhone. And yet, it is not so difficult to distinguish the original iPhone 4 or any other iPhone from a fake one. All you need to do is look for the signs of the original iPhone, which we have presented below.

The image quality of the screen and the camera

So, we all know that the image quality on the Retina displays which are used in apple devices is immaculate. Whereas even the highest-quality fakes rarely reach even the similar quality. It just does not make sense to put such a high-quality screen into a fake. The same is true for to the iPhone’s camera. The iPhone’s camera, which might not feature as many megapixels as some smartphones do, takes some really good shots unlike any possible fakes.

Non-removable battery

A non-removable battery is another distinctive feature of the apple smartphone. The original iPhone does not feature a removable battery unlike so many fakes. In addition, the sound quality of music playback on the iPhone should be good, and it may also be a sing of authenticity, to some extent.
Apple’s original operating system – IOS.

Most of the things described above can theoretically be implanted in fake iPhones. However, there is a simple way to determine whether the iPhone you have been dreaming of buying is original or fake. The unmistakable sing of authenticity of the iPhone is the presence of Apple’s world’s famous operating system called IOS. Fakes usually feature a closed system, which is one of the versions of Android with some of its modifications. Therefore, if a smartphone that claims to be an Apple product has an operating system from Apple – IOS, you can safely say that this is an original product.

It is not that difficult to simulate the approximate design of icons and the menu, but all those things will lag and glitch and the phone will be extremely slow. The good news is that no one in the history of mankind has even been able to install the original IOS on a fake, and therefore, you will always be able to tell a fake IOS from the original iPhone.

As a result, we have found out that the main features of the original iPhones that cannot be forged are the original operating system or a mismatch of one or more the original device’s features described above. In general, it is best to buy such expensive things as iPhones at reputable shops or on trustworthy online stores so that you do not mess with fakes. Therefore, we recommend, you check out some iPhone smartphone prices online and get yourself a truly authentic gadget at a pretty affordable price. Good luck!